The Minimalist Vegan: Vegan Mulled Wine

This easy vegan mulled wine has beautiful notes of citrus and spices to give your drink complex flavours in no time. Sit back and enjoy on a cold and cozy day. In 20 minutes, you can be enjoying a drink to warm you up from the inside out. A mulled wine can transport you into…

December 6, 2021

Simple Vegan Blog: Lentil Loaf

Lentil loaf, an extra delicious and filling main dish that you can serve on any holiday. It is actually perfect to enjoy for Christmas! This lentil loaf is absolutely delicious! It is thick but tender, as well as filling, nutritious, and vegan. Truly a wonderful main dish to enjoy on holidays like Christmas or even Thanksgiving! To make this lentil loaf recipe, you can either use canned lentils or cook them from scratch, and you can also customize it with your favorite spices or herbs. Continue reading Lentil Loaf at Simple Vegan Blog.

December 5, 2021

Loving it Vegan: Vegan Carrot Muffins

These vegan carrot muffins are the best you’ve ever tasted! They’re moist, full of flavor and easy to make. Perfect for breakfast or a snack. One of my favorite things about muffins is that they’re basically dessert that you can eat for breakfast. Having one of these vegan carrot muffins for breakfast is like having… Read More » The post Vegan Carrot Muffins appeared first on Loving It Vegan.

December 3, 2021

Loving it Vegan: Vegan Matcha Cookies

These vegan matcha cookies are just like sugar cookies with a rich and delicious flavor from the green tea. Topped with a velvety vegan frosting these cookies are super fun to make and always a hit. These vegan matcha cookies are just so delicious. The matcha flavor is subtle but distinctive and the color is… Read More » The post Vegan Matcha Cookies appeared first on Loving It Vegan.

December 1, 2021

Simple Vegan Blog: Vegan Caramel

Vegan caramel, a perfectly thick and creamy sauce with which I am obsessed. It is fast, easy, and made with 5 ingredients in 10 minutes. I’ve always been a caramel lover and I’ve been trying to find a vegan caramel that doesn’t actually contain lots of artificial additives. I was having a hard time until I decided to make my own version at home, and it was a success! This vegan caramel sauce has a wonderful flavor and a comforting texture, and it works as the perfect topping for lots of recipes. Continue reading Vegan Caramel at Simple Vegan Blog.

December 1, 2021

It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken: Vegan Bacon Wrapped Dates

Vegan Bacon Wrapped Dates My vegan bacon wrapped dates recipe is here and boy oh boy am I happy about it!! Sweet sticky dates are stuffed with creamy vegan cheese and wrapped in homemade smoky vegan rice paper bacon! Um, yes, please. This sweet and salty appetizer looks and tastes super impressive but it’s actually pretty easy to make… READ: Vegan Bacon Wrapped Dates

December 1, 2021