The Full Helping: Vegan Tempeh Meatball Subs

These vegan tempeh meatball subs are made with protein-packed, savory tempeh meatballs and a creamy cashew mozzarella sauce. A plant-based spin on classic comfort food. Cashew mozzarella and tempeh meatballs are the two homemade “basics” I’ve been most excited about lately. So I guess it was only a matter of time before both found their way into a saucy, melty, savory tempeh meatball sub. It’s hard to do justice to how delicious and satisfying these subs are. The tempeh meatballs are deeply savory… The post Vegan Tempeh Meatball Subs appeared first on The Full Helping.

July 14, 2021

The Glowing Fridge: The Birth Story of Summer June

Hi friends! Wow its been a while. I’ve missed the blog so much! I’ve been soaking in all the newborn yumminess since I birthed a beautiful baby girl last month. Summer June was born in the water on May 24th at 2:02am. And I finally feel ready to write her incredible birth story. It’s taken… Read More The post The Birth Story of Summer June appeared first on The Glowing Fridge.

June 24, 2021