Liv B: Vegan Hot Maple Ranch Nashville Chicken Sandwich

Feast your eyes on this Vegan Hot Maple Ranch Nashville Chicken Sandwich! Stacked high with a juicy cutlet of crispy fried seitan chicken, fresh lettuce and ranch mayo, topped with a hot maple glaze! This is the burger of the summer! Try not to drool over this flavourful burger you would The post Vegan Hot Maple Ranch Nashville Chicken Sandwich appeared first on Liv B..

May 24, 2022

Simple Vegan Blog: Vegan Stir Fry

Vegan stir fry, delicious, nutritious, and extremely flavorful. It’s packed with a ton of healthy veggies and makes the perfect dinner! This vegan stir fry will have your whole family asking for seconds. It is SO good! It is one of my favorite recipes ever, and I love to have it for dinner or lunch. Tasty, easy, and delicious! To make it I used a ton of healthy and nutritious veggies because I wanted it to be super nourishing. Continue reading Vegan Stir Fry at Simple Vegan Blog.

May 24, 2022

Simple Vegan Blog: Vegan Scones

These vegan scones will make your breakfast and brunch a true delicacy. They’re soft, crumbly, and extremely satisfying. Delicious! These vegan scones are simply out of this world. I just can’t explain it in any other way! They are soft, fluffy, crumbly, and extremely delicious. A true delicacy! Freshly baked and served with your favorite toppings, they will become a staple in your kitchen. Everyone will be OBSESSED with them! Ingredient notes Unsweetened plant milk: any type of unsweetened non-dairy milk is okay, but soy milk is my favorite one for baking. Continue reading Vegan Scones at Simple Vegan Blog.

May 22, 2022

The Kind Life: The Real Heal Episode 10 With Ingrid Newkirk and Peter Singer

Welcome to Episode 10 of The Real Heal podcast where my guests are Ingrid Newkirk, founder and president of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), and Peter Singer, professor of bioethics, and author of Animal Liberation—widely considered the “bible” of the animal rights movement. In this episode, we discuss the subject nearest and

May 21, 2022

Loving it Vegan: Vegan Fish Tacos

These vegan fish tacos are so good! Crispy beer battered vegan ‘fish’ with fresh veggies, vegan feta and the best vegan fish taco sauce! Perfect for Taco Tuesdays. These vegan fish tacos are here to take your Taco Tuesday experience to the next level! Or any day ending in ‘y’, really. They are fresh tasting… Read More » The post Vegan Fish Tacos appeared first on Loving It Vegan.

May 20, 2022

Liv B: Vegan Sugar Doughnut Strawberry Shortcake

Summer desserts don’t get much better than this vegan sugar doughnut strawberry shortcake! Homemade olive oil vanilla cake doughnuts, coated in cinnamon sugar layered with fresh juicy strawberries and coconut whipped cream. Truly such a sweet and delicious, fluffy, perfect summer dessert! The inspiration for this Vegan Sugar Doughnut Strawberry The post Vegan Sugar Doughnut Strawberry Shortcake appeared first on Liv B..

May 19, 2022

The Full Helping: Vegan Strawberry Muffins

These light, tender vegan strawberry muffins are the perfect muffin for spring. They’re full of juicy, fresh strawberries, and they’re so easy to prepare. Oh, these muffins. I made them for the first time about three weeks ago, in a fit of excitement about the beginning of strawberry season. I kept the recipe simple: basically, a vanilla muffin with chopped strawberries folded in and a bit of sparkling sugar on top. I was expecting to be happy with the recipe—I love both muffins… The post Vegan Strawberry Muffins appeared first on The Full Helping.

May 19, 2022

Simple Vegan Blog: 31 Vegan Instant Pot Recipes

You own an Instant Pot but never know what to cook with it? Thanks to these 31 vegan Instant Pot recipes you won’t have this problem anymore! Ever since I got an Instant Pot, I haven’t stopped making lots of different dishes with it. But I wanted to have them all together so I could use them whenever I needed to, so I decided to compile these 31 vegan Instant Pot recipes! From Instant Pot vegan chili to Instant Pot oatmeal, here you’ll find plenty of vegan recipes that are easily prepared with an Instant Pot. Continue reading 31 Vegan...

May 19, 2022
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